What to Expect

Family-Friendly Worship Every Sunday

We have family-friendly worship services every Sunday. The goal of our worship services is renew our connection with the Lord, encourages a spiritual perspective of daily life, strengths us in our commitment to reject what is harmful to ourselves and to others, and to pursue the potential the Lord sees in us. Here’s what to expect at our weekly worship service.

What time is church?

We have services every Sunday at 10:00am, except for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Memorial Day which are at 11:00am. Look for more specifics on the homepage.

How long is it?

Our services typically last about an hour. Most of our regular attendees show up for church at the last possible minute; so if you come early, you may find things a bit quiet.

What should I wear?

Our ministers wear robes but people are free to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Some of our regular attendees like to dress up to come to church as a sign of respect; others like to simply come as they are. You will probably feel most comfortable if you dress in the business casual to semi-formal (suit and tie for you gents), with business casual being the most common side of the spectrum.

Where do I sit?

Sit wherever you feel comfortable. Don’t worry about taking “someone else’s seat.”

What is the style of worship?

Our services have more of a traditional feel. Our goal is to provide space for reverence, reflection on God’s Word, and joy in a family-friendly setting. Our music is a blend of traditional and contemporary worship music with an organ or piano accompaniment.

You can get a feel for what our sermons are like by listening to past sermons.

What is there for children?

For the first part of the service the whole family is together. After a couple of songs, a prayer, and a recitation from the Bible, the children will be invited to sit up front with the minister and hear message aimed at them. (If they’d rather not go and sit up front, they’re welcome to stay with their parents in the pews.)

Following the message the children will go out to the hall for a Sunday School program where they will do a project, act out a story, sing some songs, or play under supervision. You are welcome to go with your child to Sunday School or leave them with the teacher in charge so that you can return to the church for the adult message. At the end of the service you can find your child in the community hall which is right outside the sanctuary. You are invited to join us for refreshments.

We do our best to be welcoming to children. If you would like to keep your children throughout the service, please feel free. If you need to stand at the back to comfort a child, also please feel free. We want to welcome children and families even at the expense of perfect order. If your child is inconsolable, we have a nursery area upstairs or you can take them to the community hall area.

What happens after the service?

After the worship service we have announcements in the church sanctuary, followed by refreshments and social time in the community hall. We’d love to have you join us for refreshments; but if you want to just come check out a service and then sneak out, you should have a pretty good chance of getting away just before or just after announcements.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to call at 724-353-2220 or send us an email.