Basic Beliefs

Is there a home for you at our church?

There are two basic beliefs that make up the faith of our church. That Jesus Christ is the one God of heaven and earth, and that to follow Him and live a life in His blessing we have to live the life He teaches us to live. These two basic teachings, if you live them out offer you a closer connection with God and a satisfying and fulfilling life.

A closer connection with God

You are a human being created by God. There is no more meaningful relationship you could develop than your relationship with God. But God fundamentally is abstract. He is above comprehension. Whether you picture Him as a divine force that created the world, or even a powerful loving force that cares for you, it is hard to connect with a God of power and force. It is more difficult if you picture God as strict and judgmental who will hold you accountable for every mistake you have ever made. None of these really connect you with God as deeply as you were meant to.

In Jesus Christ we meet God face to face. Jesus Christ is God come into this world and His every action and every word reflects a God who loves and heals but also teaches and challenges. When we look to Jesus as our God, we have a God we can know and love, a God we can connect with.

If you want a closer connection to God approach our Lord Jesus Christ as God of heaven and earth and as the Father himself. We are community seeking that closer connection through Jesus.

Join us for Sunday worship as we seek a closer connection to God through Jesus Christ.

A satisfying and fulfilling life

Life in this world comes with joys, challenges, and tragedies. Life can be hard, but it gets harder when we choose to live a life that is contrary to how we were created to live. Depression and misery are a result of living contrary to that intention. Sometimes it is not so much misery as emptiness, a life without deeper meaning and connection with God and other people. In the Bible Jesus teaches us what kind of life will feed and heal our souls. Learning about and living life as our Lord Jesus Christ teaches will bring healing, hope, and foster a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Come join us for Sunday worship as we learn about and seek to live out a satisfying and fulfilling life the way the Lord intends us to.