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Recent Sermons

  • Joshua, Part 4 – Losing Battles
    We will face failure, loss, and our own sins in life. It is part of the process and we should not expect otherwise. If we approach failure as feedback and take our failures to the Lord and look for ou …
  • Psalm 34 – Taste and See
    The Lord cares for us. When we trust in Him and pursue the life He teaches, we will be protected and blessed spiritually. Even if things are hard at times, the Lord will lead us to see the goodness of …
  • Joshua, Part 3 – Spiritual Combat
    The Lord leads us into spiritual combat, the conflict between truth and falsity, between lusts and love. The key to victory is marching according to the 10 Commandments. If we encircle false thinking …
  • Psalm 100 – He Who Made Us
    We praise the Lord because He made us, cares for us, and for who He is. Our response is to come to Him with love by means of what He teaches.
  • Yoked Together, Part 4 – Strengthening Bonds
    The Lord created marriages and He created them to grow stronger forever. We can strengthen our marriage by choosing to use means of strengthening relationships that He created.