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  • Easter – He Came to Show Us God
    The Lord made God visible to us. Lord's resurrection both shows us that Jesus is God and made Himself fully united with God. By being fully united with God He not only shows us God but makes hims …
  • Easter Sunrise – He Rises Daily
    The Resurrection is the miracle of New Life which shows us the Lord, and which He performs in our hearts and minds.
  • A New Commandment
    The Lord teaches us to love others as He loves us. He teaches this at the Lost Supper with His disciples, where He also washes their feet. These two events which precede the commandment something abou …
  • The Reason He Came, Part 4 – Bear Witness to the Truth
    The Lord Jesus Christ came to bear witness to the truth. When we live as Jesus teaches we make ourselves citizens of heaven and part of His Kingdom. The Lord is truth because he fulfilled the Word and …
  • The Reason He Came, Part 3 – To Send Fire to the Earth
    Lord came to send fire and bring a sword not peace. In other places the Lord says He bring peace. So how do we understand this paradox? The Lord goal for us is peace, but his process is division. We n …