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Recent Sermons

  • Process of New Life
    The Lord calls us into a spiritual process of becoming mature. This process is compared to the from of birth, from conception to adult maturity. This process is called being born again because we leav …
  • Water Became Wine
    The Lord's first miracle of turning water into wine at a marriage celebration in Cana provides a picture of why the Lord came. He came to celebrate a marriage of good and truth in us, a marriage …
  • Between Us and Sin
    The Lord stands between people and sin. We are the church when we let him do that for us and when we do that for other people.
  • Our Country, Our Neighbor
    To love the country more than ourselves is a great good. We love all of those communities within a country when we love and sacrifice for our country.
  • What I Love about the New Church
    What I love about the New Church is the change the Lord can bring to your life if you are willing to follow Him.