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Recent Sermons

  • The Reason He Came, Part 2 – To Save the Lost
    The Lord came to seek and save what was lost. The stories of the Word demonstrate the lost as those in good who have wandered from truth. The Lord came to restore truth to them rather than falsity, an …
  • Reason He Came, Part 1 – To Teach and Heal
    The Lord came to preach and heal. These actions represent the spiritual help the Lord can offer us to teach us a new way of thinking and to heal us from spiritual challenges which are pain, limitation …
  • Memorial Service – Sandy Johns
    Memorial service for Sandy Johns.
  • Love over Ego, Part 6 – Love and Wisdom Win
    Daniel faces a trial when he chooses his pursuit of and dependance on the Lord even with the potential consequences of death. The only thing that can bring us to this place of peace and confidence in …
  • Love Over Ego, Part 5 – Holiness
    Belshazzar makes a feast and uses the sacred vessels from the temple of Jerusalem in his feast, and God sends a message of judgement for his abuse of these sacred things.