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  • Yoked Together, Part 2 – Origin and Correspondence of Marriage
    The origin of marriage is from the marriage of goodness and truth or love and wisdom. And marriage corresponds to the marriage of the Lord and the church. Marriage when seen from this source gives us …
  • Yoked Together, Part 1 – A High View of Marriage
    Marriage is the experience of being yoked together with someone of the opposite sex. Into this Divine institution, all the spiritual and heavenly delights possible have been gathered. To experience th …
  • Noah, The Remnant
    The story of Noah teaches us about the state of humanity and how the Lord protects humanity. Humanity as a species has desires passed down that lead away from the Lord and Love; these are called hered …
  • Good News, Part 3 – The Second Coming
    The Good News of the New Church is that Lord Jesus Christ is coming again. He came again in time through a new revelation. He comes again to us personally when we meet Him in His revelation. The Churc …
  • Good News, Part 2 – The Author
    The Good News of the New Church is that the Lord has come, that he has saved all humanity, and that He can save us as individuals.