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  • Happiness, Part 3 – Attitudes that Improve Happiness
    There are two attitudes that combine to form the basis of all deeper happiness. Happiness takes work, and happiness comes from trusting in the Lord. Holding these two attitudes in balance is the key t …
  • Happiness, Part 2 – 3 Ways We Undermine Happiness
    Three ways we undermine our happiness: 1) we pursue false gods, 2) we focus on unhappiness, 3) we focus on happiness. The first step in any spiritual growth process is to clear the field of mistakes s …
  • Happiness, Part 1 – Happiness Is a Choice
    We often think of happiness a matter of achievement and circumstances, but the Lord teaches us that happiness has a significant component of life choices and attitude. Some kinds of happiness are like …
  • Jonah, Part 4 – Right to be Angry?
    The Lord asks us to look at the source and value of our anger. It is not wrong to be angry, but there are different kinds of anger and we are responsible to evaluate our anger and act appropriately.
  • Bible Study – Anger
    What does the Bible teach about anger?