Bishop Nominees

Below are the 6 nominees for bishop of the General Church along with their CV’s (Curriculum Vitae) listed in alphabetical order. Also public is the a document that gives the reasons offered by fellow clergy who nominated them for bishop.

Information about the Process

In case you are curious about the process, here is a link describing the process and an update on where the process stands.

For further reference, here is the Order and Organization – the documents describing our practices and governmental structure. And here is the relevant paragraph describing the selection process:

The Executive Bishop of the General Church is its chief governor and general pastor. He is confirmed by the General Assembly, but his selection is progressive. He is nominated by the Council of the Clergy, and the choice of that body is then referred to the Board of Directors of the incorporated Church (also referred to as the Board) for counsel and response. Thereafter, the nomination is placed before a General Assembly of the Church for confirmation.

Erik Buss

Curriculum Vitae of Erik Buss

Peter Buss

Curriculum Vitae of Peter Buss

Mac Frazier

Curriculum Vitae of Mac Frazier

Brad Heinrichs

Curriculum Vitae of Brad Heinrichs

David Lindrooth

Curriculum Vitae of David Lindrooth

Derrick Lumsden

Curriculum Vitae of Derrick Lumsden