Our church is named The Sower’s Chapel after the parable of the sower. The parable is a story about a man who went out to sow seed (plant wheat) by scattering it in his field. Not all the seed grew up to produce a crop, but some of it does.We are a community that plants seeds, nurtures those who receive the seed, and celebrates the harvest.

Family Holy Supper | Thursday, April 13, 6:30pm

A family talk about the Last Supper, followed by Family Holy Supper. During family Holy Supper, the children are invited to come forward with the parents. The parents take the bread and wine while the children watch. Then the family receives a hands on blessing.

Resurrection Sunrise Service | Sunday, April 16, 6:30 am

Join us for a Sunrise service at Alfred and Marlene Browns’ on Easter morning. Breakfast included.

Easter Family Service | Sunday April 16, 11 am

Our Easter Celebration will be a family service at 11am with one short talk for the whole family. Traditionally we bring flowers to give at the alter as part of a processional. On Easter morning feel free to bring flowers or a dry good food donation.