Our church is named The Sower’s Chapel after the parable of the sower. The parable is a story about a man who went out to sow seed (plant wheat) by scattering it in his field. Not all the seed grew up to produce a crop, but some of it does.We are a community that plants seeds, nurtures those who receive the seed, and celebrates the harvest.

In a world of too many choices, what makes for a good life?

Life vs. Death

Life is full of choices. Not all ways of being or actions will lead to a good life. Some will burn you up. And some will revive you and bring you life. This January we will study what our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us in His Word about the core principles for living a good life.

What are the principles?

The surprising secret is that the core principals that lead to life are the Ten Commandments. These principals provide a bridge from heaven to our everyday lives. Wrapped up inside them, are layers of meaning that provide guidance for our relationship with others and with God, and guidance for our inner life.

How you can participate.


Join us for our series of sermons starting this Sunday, January 14 at 10am.

Join a study group

You can also join us for a study group. Contact the Pastor if you are interested.


Even if you cannot be here, you can still catch the sermons by listening to the recordings on our website. You can even subscribe to our podcast there. And should you miss a week, you can catch up.

Individual Study

There are also some great books available that open up the commandments in this way and even give you journal exercises to help you make it real. One good one I recommend is Rise Above It by Ray and Star Silverman.

You can purchase the books online from Amazon or from New Church Books. We also have a few in our book store at the church.

Hope you can join us. And don’t forget to invite a friend.